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Pre-employment background checks are the first line of defense for you to protect your company, employees and assets. Background checks can give you the information to make smart decisions. They help your company mitigate risk for candidate behaviors such as criminal activity, fraud, embezzlement and abuse.

Run a pre-employment background check and know who you're hiring. You don't want to find out after the fact a person is unfit after you spent the time hiring and training, for it could be a costly mistake. While the scope and method of pre-employment background checks can differ between businesses, the purpose remains the same, to hire the most qualified candidates.  Our company provides Basic and Comprehensive Background Screening Packages with multiple add on services (education verification, professional license verification, OIG Sanctions......).  We can even create a special package tailored to your company's needs.  

Our criminal background checks provide the most thorough criminal record check available in the market today, searching 32% more sources for information about an individual than competing services. Rather than limiting the search to an applicant’s recent residences, it casts wider net to include surrounding locations, national databases and victim notification data, finding on average 18.6% more criminal charges as a result.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Social security number traces look at where applicants have lived according to credit reports and other sources.

STEP 2: We start with those jurisdictions and search millions of records across hundreds of data sources. 

STEP 3: Our access to proprietary data bases then takes a further step to identify additional jurisdictions to search for convictions based on information found in victim notification databases and arrest records.

THE RESULT: A higher likelihood you’ll get criminal records that traditional checks miss.

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