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You’ve taken the time to thoroughly screen your employees. Everything has checked out. But a clean record now doesn’t mean that their record will remain clear forever. While you never want it to happen, they could commit a crime during business hours or outside the office. It could be no big deal. Or it could be very serious. But not knowing could have a real impact on your reputation, employees, revenue and capital. 

Even if you have an employee self-reporting policy, you need to be confident that there are no gaps in the information. As an HR Executive, hiring manager and business owner, your number one priority should be to protect the safety of your greatest assets, your employees, along with your clients and company’s reputation.

Employee Risk Alerts provide extensive post hire real-time monitoring through routine background and professional license searches. This service scours a real time victim notification database that covers 70% of the U.S. incarcerated population. Alerts are then delivered daily or periodically via comprehensive risk reports that help you protect your business and workforce.* How do we accomplish this? We run your employee list against a unique database of more than 2,000 booking jurisdictions that are updated daily.


  • Strengthens your established pre-hire program
  • Establishes proactive post-hire security practices
  • Searches and use only FCRA-compliant records
  • Identifies potential risk before it impacts your company
  • Reduces loss from fraud, and negligent retention


  • Ongoing quarterly or annual post-hire search of your workforce for potential criminal activity.
  • Searches for new bookings and matches it against a current employee list on a quarterly or annual basis. 
  • Employer is notified if there is a match and only after a full primary record validation.
  • Designed to comply with the consent and authorization practices in California.

Why Pre-Employment Background Screening Is Not Enough

As an HR professional or business owner, you understand the importance of pre-hire applicant background screening better than anyone. It is a vital part of the recruiting process, protecting your business from risks such as fraud, theft, workplace violence and negligent hiring.

But once vetted and hired, how do you know your new employee won’t get into trouble? The kind of trouble that can result in an arrest and pose a risk to your company, reputation or employees? The answer is you don’t. What’s more is that as an employer, you can be held liable under many state laws if it can be proven that they should have known of an issue and did not take appropriate action. 

Recognizing a troubling gap in post-hire monitoring, Insight has developed an innovative program to efficiently monitor employees for risky behavior – Employee Risk Alerts. Whether full-time, part-time, consultants, or volunteers, Employee Risk Alerts offer an ongoing, pro-active approach to post-hire employee screening with the following key benefits:

  • Decreases the risk of workplace violence
  • Protects client and/or customer base from potential harm
  • Protects your company’s brand and assets
  • Identifies potential risk before it impacts your company
  • Decreases the risk of negligent retention litigation

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