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State Requirements for Background Checks on Home Health Workers

In response to a congressional request, the Office of lnspector General initiated two related evaluations regarding home health agencies 'HHAs' employment of individuals with criminal convictions. This memorandum report presents the results of the first evaluation, conducted to Identify State background-check requirements for HHAs. Identify the types of criminal convictions that, under State law or regulation, disqualify individuals [...]

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Developing an Effective Pre-Employment Background Screening Process

On June 1, 2005, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) released guidance for FDIC-supervised banks on developing an effective pre-employment background screening process.General FDIC Recommendations for Background ScreeningThe FDIC’s guidance presents background screening as an effective risk management tool that can reduce turnover, deter theft and embezzlement, and prevent litigation over hiring practices.In order to [...]

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BEWARE: Are you Currently Using a Non-Licensed Internet Based Company to Run your Background Checks?

Identity theft is absolutely rampant. According to security firm Lifelock, this type of fraud is the number one most reported financial/property theft in the U.S.  Since the early 2000's, 37 states have created legislation outlawing "Identity Theft" as a separate, distinct crime. ID theft is now a $21 billion business, and says nearly 7% of [...]

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