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Volunteer Screening

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Custom ID Badges with your Park's logo

  • We offer custom logo ID badges for your coaches/staff to comply with NRPA guidelines.  

Streamlined Process

  • Background check applications can be sent via email,  completed through a URL or on paper.  All results and reports are available in the system 24 hours a day.      

Best Results  

  • Insight has an edge over other background screening companies with our proprietary address database search that is performed on all applicants.  This provides additional states and/or parishes to search for criminal records that the applicant intentionally did not disclose.  Most screening companies only search the state/parish provided by the applicant.  We go a step further to provide you with the most comprehensive results. 

Auto Pass Feature

  • Send us your facility's background check pass/fail requirements and we will build it into the system.  You will receive a simple pass or fail notification based on your guidelines.  

Built in Adverse Action Matrix 

  • Are you complying with federal regulations if you have an applicant with a bad background result?  All adverse action steps can be handled directly from the platform and are documented in case of an audit. 

Customer Service

  • Insight People Management handles volunteer and employee screening for Parks and Recreation Departments throughout the country.  


  • NPRA guidelines recommend yearly background checks on volunteers which include  SSN trace, address history, State Level Check, County/Parish Level Check, Sex Offender Registry and National Level Screening.  NRPA also recommends the use of ID badges for all volunteers.
    NPRA guidelines recommend yearly background checks that include at minimum: SSN trace, Sex Offender Registry, Address History, State, County & National Level screening.  NRPA also recommends the use of ID badges for...

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